Home Contractor Macomb County, Michigan

Tom Archibald is a licensed contractor working in the Macomb County area.

With the help of TMC Homes you can finally have that dream home that you have always wanted. We can build it for you right here in Macomb County. We provide many contracting services, from entire custom built homes to fence construction.

Custom Built Homes

Now is the time to build that dream home! With the help of TMC Homes you can now make the perfect home that you have always wanted.

Home Renovations

If you would like to remodel or renovate your home than TMC custom homes can help you do it the correct way so that you home will last for generations.


TMC Homes will be able to create the perfect change to you home and tie your homes addition into the existing structure so that it will feel like it was there the entire time.

Custom Fences

We have built many styles of fences in the past and can add one to your property that will be functional without taking away from your homes look